Program Cities to Visit

Our tour is supported by the following companies:


The first city that will be visited is the leading city of London. It is an authority in arts, commerce, research and development, education, and entertainment. The Greater London Urban Area is the second-largest in the European Union with a population of more than 8 000 000.

In London there are four World Heritage Sites: the Tower of London, Kew Gardens, Westminster Abbey and St Margaret’s Church, and the historic settlement of Greenwich. Besides the World Heritage Sites; London is home to numerous museums, galleries, libraries and sporting events with as highlight the Summer Olympic Games in 2012.

London also has over twenty major universities and higher education colleges with a student population of over 400 000. Of course, these educational institutions are only part of a larger ecosystem of research laboratories and leading companies. This provides many opportunities for interesting company visits and technical excursions.


During this trip to the United Kingdom, the university town of Cambridge cannot be skipped for several reasons. First of all, it houses the University of Cambridge, where groundbreaking contributions to science have been made. For example the laws of motion and the development of calculus by Sir Isaac Newton, the Turing machine by Alan Turing, and the unification of electromagnetism by James Clerk Maxwell. Students can experience the life of the students and see how the education here might differ from that in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, there is the Cambridge Science Park which is home to over 100 companies including Broadcom, Oracle and Qualcomm. Cambridge is also home to the headquarters of ARM. Excursions to these companies will give students insight into the challenges which companies are facing in the present and will encounter in the future.

Nice cultural places to visit in addition to the many museums are Trinity Street, King’s Parade and Silver Street. A trip to Cambridge will broaden the vision of Electrical Engineering students by showing them cutting edge research and innovations in technology.