UCL and the London Eye It stopped raining in London. Instead, it started snowing.

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In the early morning we visited Regent’s park after discovering the beautiful streets of Paddington.  Bad pranks were abundant as we walked across the wet and snowy gardens. Unfortunately, London’s Zoo was too expensive for us poor students, so we decided to skip this part of the park.
In the afternoon we visited the University College of London. This university houses the third-oldest engineering department of the world and has brought forth 21 Nobel Prize winners ever since.  After listening to a talk about the numerous activities of the department, we visited the optical fiber lab and the nanotech lab. The staff there showed us some research they were working on. After that, we listened to another presentation of professor Izzat, who appeared to be a friend of our faculty member prof. Ton Koonen, and by the dean of education. They told us about the study environment and about their vision on the interaction between technology and community. We asked questions about everything and we really learned some interesting facts during this session. The visit was closed with a tour around the campus, where two pre-graduate students showed the museum, study facilities, the library and a test chamber for 3D computer animations. Especially the last one made a big impression on us.
After the visit to UCL, we quickly redressed, had dinner in a real pub (including the retro-style wall covering and stylish paintings on the walls) and went to the London Eye. The view was nice, but the fog prevented us from seeing all of London. We walked past the Big Ben, St Margareth’s Church and a statue of queen Boudica of the Iceni (a British race who lived in South-England 2000 years ago). We ended the day in a pub.