London from a Tourist Point of View About Science and Jack the Ripper

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Today we had a day off, so we could do whatever we liked. We planned a sightseeing tour through London, starting at Hyde Park and continuing with the Science Museum. The latter houses several interesting exhibitions, like the one about the father of the computer science Alan Turing. One could visit a 3D movie about dinosaurs as well, which proved to be worthwhile.
 Next, we visited the Natural History Museum to get a glimpse of the famous Mosa Saurus, a sea reptile whose skeleton was discovered in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the queue for that part of the museum was that long that we decided to skip this attraction.
After a traditional English brunch, we took a short trip to Harrods, to say we have lived the moment. We decided to watch the guards at Buckingham Palace next. We missed the famous Change of Guards, but still we were able to make some pictures of the palace and the guards. We continued to Westminster Abbey and viewed Westminster Cathedral and admired the Big Ben in daylight.
We then decided to take the underground to the east side of the city. There we admired some beautiful buildings amongst which the Court of Justice, Temple Church and St. Paul’s Cathedral.
After the long walk, the surprise activity started. We went on a so-called ‘Jack the Ripper’-tour. The tour guide told us all about nineteenth century London, the culture in those days and the facts about the murders committed by Jack the Ripper. Everybody got excited as he showed us some unusual parts of London and told vividly about the brutal murders. In the end, he let us in with his own theory about the identity of Jack the Ripper.